Take Away Sessions

Our "Take Away Sessions" run every weekend, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons.  These are arts and crafts sessions where people can book, do an activity in-house, and take it away with them at the end. We have a wide range craft blanks to choose from, including canvasses, photo frames, notebooks, letters and wall plaques.  Once you have chosen your craft blank, use the jars around the room to decorate your blank.  These jars are just full of embellishments, in every colour you can imagine, from buttons to beads, sequins and wooden letters to name a few.  At the end of your "Take Away Session" you have something to take home and treasure or to give to a loved one.  These sessions are 50 minutes long.  Book your space online today!


Pottery Painting

Pottery painting is loved my many, old and young.  We provide a family friendly space for you to relax and spend time creating your very own masterpiece.  You don't have to be Picasso to just have a go!

We have a large variety of pottery pieces for you to paint using a wide range of colours.  Our prices range from £7 to £17.50 depending on the piece of pottery chosen.  ​All our paints are non-toxic, so perfect for taking hand or foot prints for those extra special gifts.

We aim to then glaze and fire your pottery (making it food safe) within a week ready for you to take home.  Happy Painting!



We have just introduced decoupage to our range! We've each and every letter in the alphabet and papers in a large variety of colours and patterns ready for you to create your own magical piece.  Why not make one for your room, or make one as a gift for that very special person? Book your place now...